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Lorna Collins: artist, writer, educator, advocate

I set up the #Be1ngCreative art workshops to realise my innate passion for the arts and creativity. In these workshops, I show you how art can be transformative, nourishing and fun.

Here's my story: When I was 18 I had a severe traumatic brain injury and fell into a coma. When I awoke, I had total amnesia and did not know who I was, who anyone was. I developed a number of psychiatric illnesses, and was locked away for nearly 2 decades. During this time, art was my saviour. I would paint to express the inexpressible, my sheer misery. I would paint, write, express what I could not say. Eventually the doctors would look at my paintings and diagnose, medicate and treat my illnesses. Art became my medicine (on the list of the drugs I had to take). My creativity nourished me, drove my eventual recovery, feeds my life. In March 2020 I did a TED talk, ‘How Creativity Revived Me’, about this theme.


Now I work and do research in healthcare, always trying to understand and stimulate how the arts can help people. 

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