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Art workshops with Lorna Collins

Welcome to 'Be1ngCreative', with Lorna Collins. Here is your chance to activate your imagination, learn about art and create extraordinary masterpieces. Possibilities are endless, but contained, under Lorna's stimulating, fun management of these online art workshops. In person art workshops will be coming soon. Watch this space!

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Creativity, Replenishment, Energy

Participants might enter as strangers, but when we make art together, our imaginations build intrinsic, empathic and artistic connections between us. 

I start the workshops off by presenting a stimulus or idea (e.g. a mandala, a haiku poem, a potato print, images from art history), then I guide participants through the practical process of accessing their imaginations and responding to the stimulus. Participants ‘go with it’, and create. What results is a warm, nourishing fraternity, made from our reciprocal, interactive art-making. We learn, grow and feed ourselves from what we create. 

A variety of people attend these virtual events: adults, kids, families, mental health service users. I also work with a charity for people who have eating disorders (‘First Steps ED’). The workshops provide connection, replenishment and fun.  

Topics are endless, they include: poetry in lockdown, construct your favourite place, ‘Fantastic Patterns’ with shaving foam, design your own theatre scene, road trip, Ancient Egypt (or Greece or Rome), Dada, Surrealism, Impressionism, Cubism, Aztecs, or ADVENTURE! (and more). Creativity has no limits.

The colourful consequences of these workshops contain pictures, writing, costumes and happy faces. As one person said: ‘This is the most motivated and happy that I’ve felt since the lockdown.’

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Do you want to join a workshop?

  • An extraordinary whistlestop tour recreating major art history moments

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    1 hr

    £10 per session
  • An addictive, relaxing activity -- drawing 'Fantastic Patterns'

    Read More

    1 hr

    10 British pounds
  • We draw circles and see what happens inside them. Magic.

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    1 hr

    10 British pounds
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Thanks so much for your amazing workshops…we look forward to them each week and enjoy them very much!


Absolutely loving these valuable classes. So good to learn to express ourselves in these crazy times and beyond.


Lorna has created a beautiful and fun way to explore our creative sides, when we are unable to explore! Thank you Lorna, we have loved it.

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I can run art workshops for your school, business, group, organisation or any other gathering -- for both adults and children. Contact me to discuss how my intervention can help your team, friends and colleagues come together, work together, learn skills and have fun. Send me an email at so we can discuss what would work best for you. I have infinite ideas, and boundless creativity -- so do you. I will help you open your resources.

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Feel free to get in touch with Lorna if you want more information, or to discuss opportunities to create art workshops in your network (e.g. schools, healthcare and business).

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